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Customer Service

Your one-stop-solution for all your creative brand positioning and advertising needs.

Digital Marketing Services

Your one-stop-solution for all your creative brand positioning and advertising needs.

Executive Admin

A C level executive assistant who can take care of your email, calendar, meeting preparation, research, and social media.

Data Management Services

A comprehensive marketing services encompassing lead nurturing, lead management, sales prospecting and more in order to maximise your marketing leads.

Time spent actually working while clocked-in

The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.

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Hiring a competent and reliable virtual assistant is strenuous only if you start on the wrong foot. Follow this four-step guide and we’ll walk you towards the right person for your business.

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Complete the form and one of our business advisors will call you to discuss your needs and budget constraints. PhilOutsourcing offers competitive rates and pricing plans to help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

Start 20-hour Half Price Trial

If you want to try us before committing to an active plan. Start your 20- hour “Half Price” with 8 hours free time over a period of 1 week. Train your chosen VA on your business processes during recorded Zoom meetings. Set up their tasks in Trello and set them up with access to your cloud systems.

Sign up.

If you think we are the right fit for your business. You can sign up for the actual pricing plan recommended by our advisors and get started with your first Virtual Assistant. You will be walked through all of the set-up steps, from training to accessing the cloud task management platform, and more.


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PhilOutsourcing works best for any business professional at the cheapest hourly rate available.